Bind 9 slaves - new zones are never picked up

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Sat Feb 25 01:23:30 UTC 2006

mhageman wrote:

>I am migrating from bind 8.2.4 to bind 9.  Our house master and all but
>two slave are running bind 8.2.4.  I replaced one of the main
>production slaves with an AIX 5.2 box running 9.2 last week.
>The new slave, and a backup AIX 5.1 box running 9.2.1 are performing
>well except in one area:  we add and delete zones regularly because we
>are a "project" support site and we have customers with different name
>and IP zones coming-and-going regularly.  The bind 9 production (and
>backup) box NEVER transfer/service the new zones.    rndc requests
>don't help.  refresh -s named doesn't help.  I've had to resort to
>kill-9 and restarting (TERM takes too long as the servers are always
>very busy).  Needless to say, this is completely unacceptable.
>Our procedure for updating DNS is a much-modified "h2n" within a shell
>that runs on the master and "rdists" the changed named.conf files to
>our slave servers.  Worked great on V4.  Works great on V8 - the slaves
>AXFR the new zones pretty quickly.
>Doesn't work at ALL on bind 9.  So I am missing something, and it must
>be something in the configuration.
"rndc requests don't help" isn't particularly illuminating. What rndc 
commands did you send, in what order? What responses did you get back? 
What do the logs say?

                  - Kevin

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