Bind 9 slaves - new zones are never picked up

Joe Greco jgreco at
Sat Feb 25 02:26:35 UTC 2006

> 	So you upgrade from a ancient version of BIND 8 to a ancient
> 	version of BIND 9.  BIND 9.2.1 is well past its "use by"
> 	date.
> 	BIND 9.2.6 / BIND 9.3.2 are the current versions.
> 	Note: Support for BIND 9.2.x will cease 6 months after the
> 	release of BIND 9.4.0.  Similarly BIND 9.3.x support will
> 	cease 6 months after the release of BIND 9.5.0.  BIND 9.4.0
> 	is currently with alpha testers.
> 	Add/remove the definitions from named.conf then run 'rndc
> 	reload' / 'rndc reconfig'.  This really is no different to
> 	BIND 8 and 'ndc reload' / 'ndc reconfig'.  If you manage to
> 	break rndc then 'kill -1' will reload named.

Interestingly enough, I was debugging this very issue earlier today on a
BIND 9.3.1 authoritative nameserver.

I get a "server reload successful" in reply to the reload command and
nothing in reply to a reconfig.  Zones listed in the config file are 
not retransferred (I deleted just to see) and the new
zones added are not transferred either.  Server returns SERVFAIL for

I've not come to a resolution just yet.  I hate to go gunning down the
server to force the issue...

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