More than I can bite off...

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Thanks Drew
Well -- I have a web server, both  as well as a 
couple of virtuals....can I just "host" the and then re-direct it 
to the geocities page ?   I don't know that I'm willing to open up my 
webserver to someone else yet, and they had no desire for me to host.  Is 
the question then more appropriate for an apache forum ?  (i.e. how do I 
take any request for and forward to

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RE: More than I can bite off...

To the best of my knowledge, you can't do this strictly through DNS.
You'd have to point the domain name to a valid HTTP server somewhere and
then you could set that up to redirect to the Geocities page.  Of course
if you were running your own web server, you could just host the page

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I've probably got too big a bite to chew (and no bark to follow it

I have a working DNS for my home domain and two virtual domains.  A
of mine had the youth soccer site hosted with another guy that left the 
area (with his DNS).  I said, no problem, I could host his DNS.  Except,

now, it's not obvious to me...

The web:

My domain/name server:
The soccer domain

Question - what do I need to add to my name server, so that

points to the soccer domain? My friend has control with the registrar to

change the name server to point to me...but I'm now unclear if I can do 
just DNS...  Suggestions ?  What do I need to do, what does my friend
to do ?

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