More than I can bite off...

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Feb 28 00:32:30 UTC 2006

DarrellE wrote:

>>My domain/name server:
>>The soccer domain
>>Question - what do I need to add to my name server, so that
>>points to the soccer domain? My friend has control with the registrar to
>>change the name server to point to me...but I'm now unclear if I can do
>>just DNS...  Suggestions ?  What do I need to do, what does my friend need
>>to do ?
>Since your friend has control of the registrar, can't he just point
> ------>   ?
> That would bypass the messes setup your in for.
The only parts of those URLs that DNS controls are the domain names, 
i.e. and In DNS, you could set up as an alias for Everything else would be 
a matter of webserver configuration, including the part of the webserver 
config that enables the webserver to recognize as a name for itself, and differentiate the requests for 
that domain enough, at least, to give it a customized home page.

   - Kevin

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