problem with zone transfer

Chris Boyd Chris.Boyd at
Thu Jan 26 16:37:01 UTC 2006

Every few days we are having problems with local address not resolving. It seems to coincide with a zone transfer in the logs. 
Also how do you stop it from doing a zone transfer we don't really need to as the file rarely changes? 

named[1341]: transfer of '' from 82.195.14
6.192#53: failed while receiving responses: REFUSED
Jan 24 06:30:14 usit-hq-s02 named[1341]: transfer of '' from 82.195.14
6.192#53: end of transfer

It attempts this every 6 hours but only stops resolving every few days so I'm not sure what's going on there. 
Anyway to get it to start resolving again you have to incriment the serial # in the respective zone file. 

@                       IN      SOA (
                                28              ; Serial
                                10800           ; Refresh
                                3600            ; Retry
                                604800          ; Expire
                                86400 )         ; Minimum TTL


zone "" in {
        type slave;
        file "";
        allow-query {any;};
        masters {;};
        also-notify {; };
        notify no;

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