named doesn't listen on a interface after interface down-up

Peter Dambier peter at
Fri Jun 2 16:37:27 UTC 2006

blrmaani wrote:
> I am running named in a chroot jail ( user=named, grp=named ).
> I have 2 interfaces. The listen-interval is set to 1 second in
> named.conf
> Upon starting named for the first time, the syslog messages
> shows that the named is listening on both the interfaces.

named is starting as root, opening interfaces and giving up root,
changeing to user.

> I bringdown one of the interfaces and bring it up. The syslog
> shows a error  message something like:
> "....permission denied for the interface lan0 ..."

Bringing the interface down results in a close.
named is user now and cannot reopen the interface.

> If I run named as a root, then I don't see this problem.
> I also don't see this problem if I stop and start named
> ( even though named is run as a non-root user ).
> Question:
> 1. Is this a known issue when named is run as a non-root user?
> 2. What is the workaround other than stopping and starting named?
> thanks in advance
> Blr

I had a similar problem with named running on my aDSL router.
Once every 24 hours my ISP would break the connection and my
router, reconnecting, would get a new ip ...

No dice.

I had to either run named behind the router with rfc 1918 addresses
or restart named in the interface_up procedure.

I dont think named can handle this automatically.

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