dns_rdata_fromtext: named.jantasalescorporation.tk:2: near eol: unexpected end of input

chraso at yahoo.com chraso at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 4 13:31:19 UTC 2006

i gets two errors

---->dns_rdata_fromtext: named.jantasalescorporation.tk:2: near eol:
unexpected end of input


---->zone jantasalescorporation.tk/IN: loading master file
named.jantasalescorporation.tk: unexpected end of input

of course im on windows

my named.conf

options {
        version "Bind";                       //Don't disclose real
version to hackers
        directory "c:\windows\system32\dns\etc";
        allow-transfer {; };  //IP address of secondary DNS
        recursion no;
zone "jantasalescorporation.tk."{
        type master;
        file "named.jantasalescorporation.tk";
        notify yes;
zone "0.0.127.in-addr.arpa"{
        type master;
        file "named.local";
        allow-update { none; };

my named.local

$TTL 86400
@	IN	SOA	root-a.taloha.tk.	jantasalescorporation.tk.	(
			0001      ; Serial
			3600      ; Refresh
			300       ; Retry
			3600000   ; Expire
			3600 )    ; Minimum
		IN	NS	root-a.taloha.tk
	1	IN	PTR	jantasalescorporation.tk.

my named.jantasalescorporation.tk

$TTL 604800
@	IN	SOA	ROOT-A.TALOHA.TK.	jantasalescorporation.tk.
	IN	MX	5	mail
node1	IN	A
mail	IN	A
	IN	MX	5

im unable to find out whats wrong?

can ne1 help me finding out?

i tried google search but there was a huge amount of pages

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