bind 9(.2.4) on solaris 10

Alex Stade alex at
Tue Jun 6 01:57:55 UTC 2006

I wish it were that simple for me. Unfortunately I have corporate 
requirements and restrictions to work with and one of them happens to be 
to have IPv6 disabled everywhere. =P

Speaking of which, there appears to be a named.conf directive called 
"listen-on-v6". Would the "listen-on" version imply IPv4 only? If so, 
that would be an acceptable workaround.


Mark Andrews wrote:
> 	You know there is a simple solution.  Get IPv6 connectivity.
> 	If your ISP doesn't provide it there are plenty of tunnel
> 	brokers that will provide connectivity, often for free.
> 	That's how my home network get IPv6 connectivity.
> 	If you don't won't is use a tunnel then set up 6to4 support.
> 	Mark
> 	Note you will need IPv6 connectivity within the next few years.
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