Trouble with External Lookups

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Thu Jun 8 00:29:53 UTC 2006

Thanks Barry for the heads up on the email etiquette its been a while 
since I have last posted to mail lists. I will provide the proper 
information next time. Anyway, I actually solved the problem earlier. 
It turned out to be a Reverse DNS Delegation problem with my ISP. They 
will be forwarding my IP Block onto my name servers and that should 
take care of the reverse lookup problem Im getting on my external IPs.

 Thanks much,


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  > I have rebuilt my DNS server several times over now and Im still 
having the
  > same problem. Both of my reverse lookups are failing for inside and 
  > views. I have verified that zone files with the named-checkzone 
command and
  > all zone files pass with OK. The named service seems to be starting 
  > properly as there are no errors in the messages log file. Im really 
 > out of ideas as to what to try. I can send someone my named.conf and
  > corresponding zone files to help trouble shoot this better. Any 
 > would be greatly appreciated here. Im running bind-9.3.2-4.1 on FC5.

  You haven't provided any details of the types of errors you're 
  so I don't know how you expect anyone to help you. And what do you 
 by "both of my reverse lookups"? That wording suggests that there are
 two specific reverse lookups that you always do, and they're both
 failing, but that doesn't help us understand the problem.

 No one wants you to send them your config files directly, unless you
 hire them as a consultant. Post some example "dig" commands (please,
 not "nslookup") and your config files to the group.

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