Trouble with External Lookups

Barry Margolin barmar at
Thu Jun 8 02:22:01 UTC 2006

In article <e67rnf$2aa2$1 at>, krmdv at wrote:

> Thanks Barry for the heads up on the email etiquette its been a while 
> since I have last posted to mail lists. I will provide the proper 
> information next time. Anyway, I actually solved the problem earlier. 
> It turned out to be a Reverse DNS Delegation problem with my ISP. They 
> will be forwarding my IP Block onto my name servers and that should 
> take care of the reverse lookup problem Im getting on my external IPs.

Yeah, I almost put that guess in my response.  But I figured I would 
wait for your response, to see whether you were querying your server 
directly or not.  If you were querying your own server and getting an 
error, it wouldn't be a delegation issue (unless you're using RFC 
2317-style delegation).

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