Redirecting NXDOMAINS

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Fri Jun 9 14:07:56 UTC 2006

On 08 Jun 2006, at 20:55 , Barry Margolin wrote:

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>  Mark Andrews <Mark_Andrews at> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I have checked the ARM and the list archives, but I haven't been  
>>> able to
>>> find out whether this is possible in bind.
>>> We would like to return a particular IP address instead of a  
>>> negative
>>> response to DNS queries for non-existent sites.
>>> I know there may be some resistance to doing this from purists,  
>>> but for
>>> a low-cost provider, any additional income we can generate by
>>> redirecting such requests to a search pages with ads that generate
>>> money, allows us to keep our costs low.
>>> I know several companies are charging for this service, but it seems
>>> such an easy modification can be done locally without having to  
>>> pay the
>>> middleman.
>>> Thanks!
>> 	There is no such support in BIND.  It is also a bad idea as
>> 	the Internet is not just HTTP.  Doing this would break every
>> 	other protocol.
> How would it break them?  If the name doesn't exist, the other  
> protocols
> wouldn't have been able to connect anyway.  So what's the big deal if
> they try to connect to his server and get a connection refused?

For one's own domain, a wildcard record can be used; however, that  
does not appear to be what is being asked.  The question is how to  
return a response for a specific system instead of a NXDOMAIN response.

This sounds like the idiocy that Network Solutions did several years  
ago in an attempt to drum-up business for their Registry.

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