Redirecting NXDOMAINS

Charles Cala charles_cala at
Fri Jun 9 16:08:49 UTC 2006

--- Barry Margolin <barmar at> wrote:
>  So what's the big deal if 
>  they try to connect to his server and get a connection refused?

There is a big difference between "it is not there" and 
"it is there but not talking to me" for some apps.

if the only thing that this box answers is 80/443 from internal 
(to the isp) requests, i can see that those who it would bother, 
would go to another ISP.

say dns becomes broken for a domain, and instead of getting a 
nxdomain or other useful dns based error, my tool says 
that it can connect to my HTTP server on port 80.

meanwhile the rest of the interweb can not view my 
wonderful collections of cat pictures (or whatever).

since the user wants to redirect http requests to non 
existent domain names so that can generate additional 
revenue. having a forced proxy makes sense to me, 
mostly because it reduces bandwidth costs, and addresses 
the human element that you are trying to attract.

remember veraslime?


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