Available DNS/BIND test suites

Jim k0jkj at arrl.net
Fri Jun 9 22:00:01 UTC 2006

Sorry to post here but comp.protocols.dns.ops appears to be dead, with
the last technical post happening in 1999 and comp.protocals.dns.stds
appears to be the wrong place to ask this.

 I've been tasked with evaluating various DNS server implementations on
different platforms. I am looking for DNS test suites that check for
compliance with ALL the applicable RFC's. I'm familiar with the
TAHI.org DNS  package <http://www.tahi.org/> as well as the PROTOS
Test-Suite: c09-dns for the University of Oulu <

 I have not been able to get either package to work.  Additionally
neither seems to handle DNSSEC.bis

c09-dns only speaks TCP and requires a pair of proxies  (included to
translate to and from UDP  ??? ).  I can't seem to get any packets to
be seen on the system runningc09-dns and the TAHI suit wants to run
tests via make.

What software does the software / hardware (hi, Rick) community use to
test their BIND implementation and or the other available DNS servers.
I need to check thing down to the individual bits in each packet. not
just whether I get a response that appears to be correct.

Any help with either a pointer additional test suites or getting either
of the two packages I already have working would be greatly


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