bind newbie

S t i n g r a y fasi_74 at
Mon Jun 12 08:13:11 UTC 2006

Well this is the first time i am trying to use bind
now this is a bit confusing for me as i come from a
Windows background, 
i try man page for named.conf & some other docs but i
cant seem to get the picture here ..

basically i have configured a cache only named server
, but on the same server i want to register a domain
called mydomain.local & 4 A records my mailserver.mydomain.local my firewall.mydomain.local my webserver but this i want to come on my
domain.local not webserver.mydomain.local

i would greatly appriciate help

*º¤., ¸¸,.¤º*¨¨¨*¤ Stingray *º¤., ¸¸,.¤º*¨¨*¤

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