What is one name server goes down?

Jeff Lightner jlightner at water.com
Mon Jun 12 15:32:10 UTC 2006

Both master servers are available to answer as would be a master and a
slave.  The main reason for making a "slave" is so that you don't have
to manually update each server.  You update the master then configure
the slave to get its updates from the master.  When the master is down
the slave still has all the records.

In either case as noted dual masters or master/slave can answer.  The
main effect of one being down is it has to wait for the query of the
first one to timeout before querying the second one.  Not usually a huge

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Hi all. I am new to BIND and I have a probably simple question. I have
two name servers, both configured to be masters: NS1 and NS2. If one of
the name servers goes down, what will be the effect on any resolvers?
Will the query failover to the functioning name server or will
resolution fail? If resolution will fail, is configuring what is known
as a "slave" name server the answer? Thanks for any help!


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