Forwarding under which conditions?

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> Hi,
> I am connecting a relatively small network via an ADSL connection
> (128kbit up) to the ISP. I have currently set up dns forwarding for my
> local clients to the ISP DNS Servers. I was now looking for a way to
> automatically update the forwarders directive in the config. While doing
> so I stumbled over an apparent controversy of whether or not to use.
> Unfortunately the list archive have not helped me to decide whether in
> my situation it should or should not be used.
> Can anybody summarise briefly when to and when not to use forwarding? I
> thought I use local caching such as to speed up queries.

Use forwarding when there's something preventing you from contacting 
other servers on the Internet, like a firewall.

Whether you use forwarding or not, your server will still cache the 

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