Forwarding under which conditions?

Arik Raffael Funke arik.funke at
Tue Jun 13 08:38:57 UTC 2006

Barry Margolin wrote:
>  Arik Raffael Funke <arik.funke at> wrote:
>> Can anybody summarise briefly when to and when not to use forwarding? I
>> thought I use local caching such as to speed up queries.
> Use forwarding when there's something preventing you from contacting 
> other servers on the Internet, like a firewall.
> Whether you use forwarding or not, your server will still cache the 
> results.

My internal clients cannot reach the public dns servers directly due to 
non-public ips. If I simply forward dns queries with iptables to an 
external dns, the external dns caches the info, but I still have to get 
it to my local network every time a query is run. I thus have a delay - 
especially if the remote machine is slow. I was looking to eliminate 
this delay.

Are there any reasons why I should not use the forwarders option with my 


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