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Stefan Puiu stefan.puiu at
Thu Jun 15 06:43:10 UTC 2006

On 6/15/06, kalyanasundaram S <s.kalyanasundaram at> wrote:
> I am using SLES 10 and bind 9.3.2
> [...]
> I am running as a root ..

Are you sure about that? Check the /etc/init.d/named script, that's
what rcnamed ends up calling, at least on my old SuSE. For example, I

startproc -p ${NAMED_PID} ${NAMED_BIN} ${NAMED_ARGS} -u named

Thus running as 'named'.

Also look for 'CHROOT' in that file, I have something like:

. /etc/sysconfig/named

if [ x"${NAMED_RUN_CHROOTED}" = x"yes" ]; then

So after all the chroot setting is down to /etc/sysconfig/named. Of
course, this is an older SuSE.

> I am using the rcnamed script "rcnamed start" and append  (-d10) option to display  what is happenening
> is that correct? i think i am not statring in chroot..

I'm not sure the  "-d 10" is appended to the named command line, but
you can enable tracing later from the command line with 'rndc trace

Probably SuSE has a permission problem with scenarios where you want
dynamic update to work, or so it seems. Normally yast should've taken
care of this.

Oh, and btw, 'allow-update { any; };' is also not a good idea, that
means anybody that can talk directly to your nameserver can change
your zone.


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