Compiling/Running BIND-9.3.2 in chroot jail on AIX 5.3

Dixon, Justin Justin.Dixon at
Thu Jun 22 18:57:28 UTC 2006

Has anyone attempted/had success trying to run BIND 9.3.2 in a chroot jail
on AIX 5.3?

I have compiled using the following: ./configure --prefix=/usr/local and
installed to a jail on a separate mount point.
I have created dev/null, dev/random, dev/zero, dev/tcp, dev/udp in the jail.
I have copied all libraries that ldd returned along with some others that a
truss of named said were missing to the respective directories under the

Named still does not start when running chroot /jail /usr/local/sbin/named
-u username and truss returns quite a few err#2 and err#25 codes.

I used the following for reference when trying to set this up: 


Justin Dixon

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