Unable to lookup some external domains

Nick Baronian kvetch at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 19:12:27 UTC 2006

I think my problem is solved.  We did a full stop and start and
everything appeared to have cleared the issue.  We always just do a
reload when a zone is added or changed.  I suppose the cache was
whacky or something and stopping and starting cleared it.  I thought
cache was cleared every 60 minutes by default so not sure if that was

Nick Baronian

On 6/22/06, Nick Baronian <kvetch at gmail.com> wrote:
> We are running 9.3.0 on some Linux boxes and are currently having
> problems performing a successful lookup on two external domain names
> (two that we know of).  These two domains had changes yesterday with
> their WhoIs listing.  They both are registered with Network Solutions.
>  Both changed who their listed domain servers are.
> We cannot get an IP back when we do an nslookup from either of our two
> DNS servers.  However, we can successfully look up these two domains
> outside our environment.  Currently the DNS servers have their
> /etc/resolv.conf listing themselves then our AT&T ISP's dns servers,
> isn't this the way it should be?  This way it checks itself then goes
> out if it needs to.  If we change the /etc/resolv.conf on our dns
> servers to only point to an external vendor's servers or our ISP's, we
> get a successful lookup.
> When I do a dig on these two domains using the third-party's DNS
> servers, I get the correct IPs.  Any idea as to why our dns servers
> wouldn't be able to get a successful lookup?
> We haven't had any changes to DNS for a few days and that was just a
> couple zone edits.  Our dns servers are allowing me to lookup our
> domains and other domains, such as cnn.com, yahoo and such without any
> problem so I don't think it's a problem with the named.conf.
> Anyone else run into this problem with domains who have made recent
> changes to their DNS servers listed with Network Solutions?
> Thanks,
> Nick Baronian

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