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> Hi,
> we are preparing the change of a web servers IP address. I know, at
> that point I have to expect that clients will get a wrong IP address
> for a certain time frame. My intent is to get this time frame as short
> as reasonably possible.
> Currently my zone files have the following header:
> @       IN      SOA  (
>                                       2006030500 ; Serial
>                                       28800      ; Refresh
>                                       14400      ; Retry
>                                       3600000    ; Expire
>                                       86400 )    ; Minimum
> Can anyone recommend good values, which I would enter for a few days?

If you make use of NOTIFY to update your slave servers, you don't need 
to modify your SOA record at all.

In advance of the change, enter an explicit TTL on the A record that 
you're going to change, and set it to something short.  After the 
change, once you're sure you're not going to change it back, you can 
remove this explicit TTL and let it inherit the default from the $TTL 

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