Impact on applicatons : authoritative Vs non-authoritative replies from named

Peter Dambier peter at
Mon Jun 26 16:46:24 UTC 2006

blrmaani wrote:
> Dear all,
>   What impact will it have on my applications if the nameserver
> I am using return a non-authoritative answer instead of authoritative
> answer?

It depends on your application.

If your application just wants nameresolution, then it simply
queries a resolver or cache. They are not authoritative mostly.
The resolvers presented to you by your isp are not authoritative
if you are an enduser.

If your application does all its nameresolution on its own,
starting with the rootservers, then it will only ask authoritative

> The reason I am asking this question is that we are using a
> nameserver ( which was configured as a slave earlier ) and
> is converted to a cache-only server now.

I guess your nameserver used to be authoritative for your
company. At the same time it used to be your caching resolver.

Now the funktions have been split onto different machines.

Your old server remains the resolver and cache.

My personal experience with caching and poisoning says, leave
the machine as it is. Keep it slaving your domains. Domains
it is authoritative for, cannot get cachepoisoned.

Some people never learn and will continue querying your server
for some unbelievable time. They will still find your server
and everything will be fine.

Some people may argue, Bind 9.4 in its most paranoid mode will
only ask authoritative servers. It cannot get cachepoisoned

> I checked few topics related to this in this news group but
> still curious to know in detail the exact impact on the
> applications...

Normal applications ask the resolver library of the operating
system. They dont know of authoritative servers.

> thanks
> regards
> blr

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