Bind CPU ussage issue

Mike O'Hara mike.ohara at
Wed Jun 28 13:48:37 UTC 2006

Great :)

I will do that, the upgrade process between versions is fairly painless?

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Mike O'Hara wrote:
> I should also point out, what while bind is using 100% CPU it still 
> continues to provide its dns information.
> it just bogs down a bit and eats resources.
> this DISC_MEM_USE_INTERNAL_MALLOC issue that i had mentioned to me..
> would that require me to compile my own version for usage
> (as far as i know this was simply a downloaded binary for windows that 
> is being used)
> Mike  O'Hara wrote:
>> I am having a helleva time managing Bind on my server.
>> Server Specs are
>> Dual Xeon 2.66 GHZ
>> 1 Gb ram
>> Windows 2003 Server
>> ISC Bind 9.2.2

This is a positively ancient version of BIND 9. Don't use it. There were
architectural issues on Windows with that version that were fixed a long
time ago. Use the latest released version which is 9.3.2 or the forthcoming
9.3.3 or 9.4.0 versions.


>> Now Bind will regularly spike up to 100% CPU usage and stay there 
>> untill the named service is restarted. then it will work its way back 
>> up there again after a non descript period of time.
>> Is there a configuration glitch that is causing it to eat CPU cycles 
>> like they are going out of style? or will upgrading to the latest 
>> release solve my issues?

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