named query log rotation based on time, not size

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Fri May 12 19:34:08 UTC 2006

Jeff Johnson wrote:

>I am currently rotating my named query logs on size, but would like to
>be able to rotate the files on the hr, not on the size of the file.
>Does anyone have a solution for this ? Im running bind 9.3.2 . I was
>thinking I could maybe do something in cron, or something with a
>symbolic link, but am getting stuck coming up with a solution.
Yeah, there should probably be a "force-log-rollover" rndc command 
(looks quickly at the 9.3.2 CHANGES file to see if it's already been 
implemented -- nope). Then one could schedule it for whenever is 
convenient, using cron or some other scheduler.

                                                                  - Kevin

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