Unexcpected token with query-source-v6

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Tue May 16 05:26:01 UTC 2006

> I already had a global option in my named.conf as
> query-source address;              // Not the actual ip address.

	Which sets the address, not the port.
> Which was working fine, but I noticed the IPv6 UDP client port was still 
> using INADDR_ADDY (*), so I tried adding
>  query-source-v6 address { none; };
> right after the existing query-source and it reported an unexpected 
> token.  I'm using BIND 9.3.1 which does include query-source-v6 in the 
> man page.   I've resorted to adding the -4 command line option, so I 
> guess I've accomplished what I was after, but am curious if the 
> "query-source-v6 address" works,  what would be the proper syntax for 
> it. I haven't found any examples.

	query-source-v6 is similar to query-source except it take IPv6
	addresses rather than IPv4 addresses.

		query-source-v6 address ::1 port 53;

		query-source-v6 [address <ipv6> ] [ port <number> ];

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