Zone reload time after NOTIFY

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At 2:58 PM -0700 5/23/06, Scott, Casey wrote:
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>> > I have a BIND machine configured as a secondary server with 1 zone.
>> > The zone can receive many DDNS update from Windows clients.
>> The DDNS
>> > updates occur on the primary server, which is Windows 2003. My
>> > question is that although the primary DNS server sends
>> NOTIFY's to the
>> > BIND server, the BIND server takes quite a while before it
>> implements any of the changes.
>> > I can not find any BIND config option that will effect the
>> > responsiveness of BIND to NOTIFY's. I don't want to force BIND to
>> > reload the zone for every NOTIFY, but I would like to have some
>> > control over the amount of time taken to implement the
>> changes in the zone.
>> What is "quite a while"?  BIND waits a random amount of time,
>> to avoid a thundering herd problem if all the slaves tried to
>> transfer immediately. 
>> But this shouldn't be much more than a minute, I think.
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>Its been between 15-30 minutes each time. BIND is installed from RPM,
>running on a RHEL 4 machine.

Have you verified that the NOTIFY is being received on the slaves?  Sound's like they're not getting through and normal refresh cycle is taking care of the updates.

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