Configuration about bind name serser.

Danny Mayer mayer at
Tue May 30 13:06:42 UTC 2006

Barry Margolin wrote:
> In article <e5fbr8$155g$1 at>,
>  Robert Spangler <lazydog at> wrote:
>> On Thu May 25 2006 18:39, Barry Margolin wrote:
>>>  >             I am Sandip Kumar ghosh. I have bind9 base name server with
>>>  > static IP. My OS is FreeBSD4.10. I have a register domain like
>>>  > <>. In my domain there are two nameserver like
>>>  > <> & <> with the two public IP. In my
>>>  > name server I put the diffrent 55 public web server IP. From which ur
>>>  > web site is controling. when i put the command "dig",
>>>  > my ns reply me the hole 55 IP with round robin base , which is declear
>>>  > my name server. My requerment is when i put the command "dig
>>>  >" the name server reply me atlest 10 IP of this 55 IP
>>>  > as a round robin. Each request the name server reply the differnt set
>>>  > of 10 IP from the privious reply.
>>>  Ordinary BIND cannot do this.  You'll need to modify the source code
>>>  yourself, or use a different nameserver.
>>>  With that many sites, maybe you should be using a service like Akamai.
>>>  They have a fancy, custom DNS architecture that is designed for
>>>  distributing load across lots of different servers.
>> I may be off in left field here but I thought Bind could already do this.  
>> The 
>> process was simple too if I remember correctly.
>>  A
>> And so forth.....  Bind would then round robin the IP addresses I thought.  
>> Like I said I might be out in left field here. :)
> But that's not what I think he asked for.  He wants it to return a 
> SUBSET of the addresses.  He said he's going to list 55 addresses, and 
> he wants it to return only 10 at a time.  I'm not sure WHY he thinks 
> it's necessary to restrict to only 10 addresses, but that's what it 
> seems like he asked for.
> does this (or used to), but they used some sort of backend
tool to change the list from time to time. I don't remember who the
maintainer is anymore. Check out for more


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