Dual DNS server for External/Internal

Mohamed Navas V abusam at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 06:32:21 UTC 2006


We need a setup for the subdomain ''internal.example.com''  for
internal clients, while external (Internet) will look on a different
name server daemon/zone file with subdomain ''external.example.com'',
and these servers will be in DMZ.

The servers for ''internal.example.com'' reside inside the firewall
and are therefore protected from the internet. We have to apply rules
permit the name servers in DMZ to query and transfer zone files from
the internal name servers,  but no external trafiic is allowed.

The forwarder also needed for handling internal name server queries
for Internet domain names.

Pls give your guidelines or provide docs/related discussions in the
group for such a setup.


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