How can Client send TKEY to Server using nsupdate

pingman karthik.kumar23 at
Wed Nov 8 06:55:48 UTC 2006

Hi Bind Gurus,
I am trying to send a dynamic update to server using Diffie-Hellman key
I am trying to use nsupdate to send the message.
I have generated the DH keys by the following command.

dnssec-keygen -a DH -b 512 -n USER -g 2 kkkey

the following key was generated


When i did
       nsupdate -k Kkkkey.+002+01827.private
I got the following error message:
"could not create key from Kkkkey.+002+01827.private: bad algorithm"

I then tried the following:
> server
> zone
> update add 0 TKEY 10318 37255 300 16 Y== 32593 NOERROR O
I got the following error message:
"invalid rdata format: not a valid number"

Please help me to send a TKEY RR, KEY RR, for DH exchange.

Thanks in advance

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