Solaris 8 named is ignorant

DrSpock DRyanHawley at
Thu Nov 9 00:36:30 UTC 2006

Kevin Darcy wrote:

> >
> So I assume you've never had the _pleasure_ of an alleged "DNS problem"
> ending up being nothing more than stale old crap in /etc/hosts, eh?
>                                     - Kevin

Your post may have been to Chris, but I have seen one extra space, or
instead of tabs cause problems in the UNIX hosts file.  BTW I have
found out a lot
this afternoon.  It does seem as if Cygwin uses hooks to call XP
routines.  A
"ps -al" reveals only a bash shell and the ps command itself only.  I
found the
TCP/IP config files in Cygwin, they are symlinks to the files in
"C:/WINDOWS/System32/drivers/etc" files.

I updated those using notepad (with the proper spaces, and no other
junk characters)

I discovered that the routing table is wrong.  It thinks that the DNS
servers are the
gateway.  I could edit the routing tables directly, but I have seen
with UNIX at least
they are recreated at boottime, so I'm now looking for the proper place
to fix that...

I don't find XFree86 windows server, but I will look for that next, or
download it if that is
what's needed.

Thanks for the help everyone.  I'm getting closer and closer...


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