Solaris 8 named is ignorant

DrSpock DRyanHawley at
Wed Nov 8 23:35:00 UTC 2006

Kevin Darcy wrote:

> >
> OK, so you're using your ISP for name resolution and sendmail is
> complaining about not being able to resolve the name of the local host.
> So the obvious question is: can your ISP's nameservers resolve the name
> of your local host?

I can see the DNS servers on my LINKSYS, and all my Windoze boxes have
no problems resolving names to IP's using my ISP's nameservers which I
hardcoded into the "use alternate configuration" of their TCP/IP

It is only in Solaris that I am having troubles.

> Don't know why you're concerned about in.named not starting. You're not
> using yourself for DNS resolution anyway, so why do you care whether
> you're running in.named or not?

I don't care at this point, and was just pointing out that it wasn't

>                                  - Kevin

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