Solaris 8 named is ignorant

DrSpock DRyanHawley at
Thu Nov 9 20:36:57 UTC 2006

If someone has the spare bandwith would you please review the routing
table I created in
my $HOME directory inside Cygwin's virtual filesystem below.  I have
modified it for my
own security reasons, and to make it more difficult for hackers to
attack my ISP, so
some of the netmasks may not be accurate, I get a little fuzzy beyone
class B & C
but will in no way affect understanding of the questions any any
answers generated
I hope.  I will nest the questions inside standard C programming

I won't even post what Cygwin "thought" should be my routing tables as
they made no
sense.  I imagine that this was created (by Cygwin, as it was found
inside my Cygwin
$HOME) so that X Windows, and other network traffic would work inside
cygwin's "world"
on my PC.  Testing shows that ping's, FTP's and telnet works (in
cygwin) from my PC now.

  Later today I will read what Microsoft says about XP routing. My
technical experience is mostly inside the world of UNIX, but hopefully
routing tables are standard.  my comments
follow the routingtable entries.

Interface List 0x1 ........................... MS TCP Loopback
0x2 ...00 11 5b 48 cc e9 ......
SiS 900-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter - Packet Scheduler Miniport
Active Routes:
Network Destination    Netmask          Gateway            Interface
       Metric                 	  3

/* ^^^^^ This seems to be some kind of default route to the outside
world.  I pointed it
at my routers Internet facing interface.  Is Metric the hop count from
my PC's
interface?  I count (1) the PC's interface (ifc) (2) my LINKSYS's
inside ifc, and
3 the LINKSYS's outside ifc.  Is that right?   */ 	  3

/* ^^^^ this is the network where my ISP's router is located, and where
you go to get
DNS information.  I pointed it at my router's outside ifc, or so I
think */	  3

/* I'm not sure what this is, but I suspect it's a broadcast address
for the subnet
my router is on with the ISP.  I don't find "4" anywhere in my routers
tables? */

/* I'm not sure what this is, but I suspect it's a broadcast address
for the highest
level of network at my ISP?  */  	  1

/* localhost (MY PCs own self)  I heard once that this is used for some
kind of
loopback test???  Perhaps the kernels BUSS interface to the network
card? */ 

/* Multicast address? */

/* My PC's address for broadcasts, inside my internal private subnet?

Default Gateway:

/* I set this to my LINKSYS as my default gateway, and packets go out
my PC's IP, this router is 2 hops (interfaces) away. correct? */
Persistent Routes:
Route Table   /* This section was blank.  I will read up on how Windows
XP does
static routing */

Thanks to everyone for helping me understand XP/Cygwin routing.  I hope
who read this group find it and the answers usefull.

Cheers, DRyan

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