cannot reverse dns from internal view

Martin Marcher martin.marcher at
Fri Nov 10 09:34:42 UTC 2006


On 2006-11-08 22:07:54 +0100, Kevin Darcy <kcd at> said:
> Yes, this does mean you might need to do parallel maintenance, or 
> resort to the "common file" trick where you load the same zone in 
> different views from the same zone file.

that sounds reasonable, I had it working with exactly the "common file" 
trick. I just thought that there has to be a a better solution.

> But, I have to ask, why would you be serving * 
> *externally* anyway? By "external" do you mean something other than the 
> Internet? Because * DNS zones don't work very well 
> on the Internet...

I do have public IPs in the external view, I'm just used to replace 
public IPs with private ones if I post them. I guess it's useless 
anyway because you could just have a look at the mail headers and find 


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