Recursion off\forward

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Wed Nov 15 13:37:12 UTC 2006

I had another question within regarding "recursion off"

If you have recursion off and you have a CNAME that point to some non
authorative domain/A Record you get a negative response.

Is there a way to work around this. Senario My server is the authority
for and withing the record I have the following


For which "" I am not the authority for so when I try to
lookup I get a negative response. Is there a way to work
around this other than using the IP vs CNAME.


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Mark Andrews wrote:
>> We are running a bind 9.2.4 on a Solaris 10 box for internal only 
>> use. Here is the senario.
>> When I have rescursion off and I have the following statement
>> zone "" {
>>         type forward;
>>         forwarders {; };
>> };
>> and I perform a lookup for I do not get a response
>> however I can perform the same lookup against the with 
>> a positive response.
>> ---
>> I then turn recursion on and it work fine.
>> Is there a way to have recusion off and a forward zone working?
> 	No.
To expand on that a little, you're essentially asking for BIND to 
support mutually-contradictory modes of operation. "recursion no" 
basically means "answer only from one's own authoritative zones, 
otherwise respond with a referral", and forwarding basically means "go 
out and fetch the data and return it, if the answer is *not*already*in* 
one's authoritative zones or in the cache". Since a given answer can't 
be both in and not in a nameserver's authoritative data simultaneously, 
you can't really mix forwarding with no-recursion.

Frankly I'm not sure why anyone would turn off recursion for an 
internal-only box anyway, except (as in our case, with respect to one 
particular box) as a way to discourage folks from misconfiguring their 
stub resolvers to point to it.


                           - Kevin

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