Recursion off\forward

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Wed Nov 15 19:00:41 UTC 2006

On Nov 15 2006, Nick Allum wrote:

>I had another question within regarding "recursion off"
>If you have recursion off and you have a CNAME that point to some non
>authorative domain/A Record you get a negative response.

You get a response with the answer section containing the CNAME but not the 
A record, and an rcode of zero. I wouldn't call that "a negative response".
An iterative resolver has to be able to deal with such responses.

>Is there a way to work around this. Senario My server is the authority
>for and withing the record I have the following
>For which "" I am not the authority for so when I try to
>lookup I get a negative response. Is there a way to work
>around this other than using the IP vs CNAME.

It seems to me that you are still asking for "recursion sometimes" rather
than "recursion no".

Chris Thompson
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