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Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Thu Nov 16 22:01:29 UTC 2006

> Do you know how you would go about locking down your advertisitng DNS
> Servers by turning recursion off but still allowing some CNAME's to
> resolve to other external non authorative.

	You just turn recursion off.  Iterative resolvers know how
	to handle the answers and follow the CNAMEs themselves.
> For example you are advertising the domain 
> In the zone file it contains
> Test		IN	A
> More		IN	A
> Again		IN	A
> Nice		IN	A
> Outside	IN	CNAME
> The hostname Will not resolve as my servers is non
> recursive, also Will also not resolve. How would I be
> able to work around this situation in order to protect my dns server
> from performing recursive lookups to the rest of the world.
> Thanks
> Nick
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