root nameserver has stale entry

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Fri Nov 17 16:48:19 UTC 2006

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> I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask this or not, if not
> hopefully someone can direct me to where I can find an answer.  I run
> primary and secondary nameservers that host around 500 domains.  The
> servers each have 2 different public IPs on different interfaces.  They
> have two because I am looking to switch to new IP addresses for these
> servers.  I made the A record change in my zone last Thursday.  Now when
> I do a dig locally it resolves to the new address that I changed the
> records to, but if I do a +trace the root nameservers reply with the old
> IPs.  My guess is that since these are registered nameservers that the
> root servers have an entry for them.  My question is does anyone know
> how I get the root namservers to update to the new IP address?

To be precise, you presumably mean the .COM nameservers, not the root 

Anyway, you fix this through your domain registrar.  They should have a 
way for you to update the registration of your nameservers, which 
includes their IPs.

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