root nameserver has stale entry

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> It is a .net TLD that was registered with Network Solutions.  I tried
> calling them earlier in the week and could have just been the person
> that I was talking to was clueless, that is who you suggest that I talk
> to, correct?

Yes.  You should be able to fix this through their web site.  There 
should be a place on the site for updating nameserver registrations.

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> > if I do a +trace the root nameservers reply with the old IPs.
> It is probably not the root nameservers (unless you host a TLD) but
> the TLD nameservers.
> > My guess is that since these are registered nameservers that the
> > root servers have an entry for them.
> Probably (except that it is the TLD nameservers, not the root
> nameservers).
> > My question is does anyone know how I get the root namservers to
> > update to the new IP address?
> The procedure depends on the TLD. Since you did not give the names of
> the nameservers, we can only guess. If they end in ".fr", contact your
> registrar which can send AFNIC (the ".fr" registry) a request for
> changing the glue. If they end in ".ch", you can log in directlty in
> the SWITCH (".ch" registry) Web site to change them. Etc...
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