DNS Lookup Outsourcing?

davidu at gmail.com davidu at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 07:02:59 UTC 2006

Will wrote:
> Is there a large DNS vendor to whom a small company can outsource DNS
> lookups?

I won't get sales-y, but "Yes."  This is one of the things we do.

> We have constant problems with doing smart lookups on our mail
> server, and rather than debug everyone else's (and our own) DNS
> configuration errors, I would rather have our DNS servers do forwarding to a
> commercial vendor who specializes in DNS.   If we have problems resolving a
> particular domain's DNS records, I would expect to be able to make it the
> vendor's problem to resolve that in a few days rather than it being our
> problem.

We don't have problems resolving resolvable domains though we would
have a problem resolving an unresolvable domain name.  We do followup
and watch out for major hiccups in the DNS, however.  More importantly,
we cache domains for the amount of time they should be cached which
decreases latency and increases performance and provides a host of
other neat things.  We can clear our cache when needed, or just
specific zones, when needed.

> We can of course forward DNS lookups to our ISP, but their technical support
> people are so hopelessly clueless I would rather just pay extra money to
> someone who is a specialist, has a first-grade network, and can deliver
> specialized support around DNS lookups.

This is why we exist.

Send an email to contact [at] opendns [dot] com (and reference this
message) so the smart folks who read it have some context.  They'll
circle me into the discussion.

You can also email me first name at opendns.com.

Happy Thanksgiving.

David Ulevitch

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> Will

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