DNS Lookup Outsourcing?

Will westes-usc at noemail.nospam
Sat Nov 25 03:38:53 UTC 2006

<davidu at gmail.com> wrote in message news:ek86av$bot$1 at sf1.isc.org...
> > We can of course forward DNS lookups to our ISP, but their technical
> > people are so hopelessly clueless I would rather just pay extra money to
> > someone who is a specialist, has a first-grade network, and can deliver
> > specialized support around DNS lookups.
> This is why we exist.
> Send an email to contact [at] opendns [dot] com (and reference this
> message) so the smart folks who read it have some context.  They'll
> circle me into the discussion.
> You can also email me first name at opendns.com.

The opendns service looks nice, but honestly as a commercial user I don't
like free services that have an advertising model.   Inevitably one of these
things happens:

1) Too many free users affects performance.

2) Open recursive servers become targets for hackers, which again affects

3) Tens or thousands of free customers means no customer service.    Why
would they prefer to resolve a commercial user's question over the 1000 they
receive from home users?

Honestly I would much prefer to be charged a nominal amount each month, get
a dedicated commercial server protected behind a firewall so that only
commercial customers can access the machine, and a dedicated commercial
customer support queue.


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