Accuracy of DNSStuff reports

Doug McIntyre merlyn at
Sun Nov 26 06:37:27 UTC 2006

"Greg Raven" <gregraven at> writes:
>I'm really new with DNS and Bind, and I'm really struggling to get
>things working. Currently, as I work through "DNS and BIND" and "DNS
>and BIND Cookbook," I make what I think are going to be the correct
>entries, and then check my work with the tools at
>Apparently, I'm way off. However, tech support at one of the companies
>that's doing my DNS says that you can't rely on the information gained
>from DNSStuff. I'd appreciate any feedback, as at this point it's my
>only way of checking my cut-and-try learning method.

I wouldn't say DNSStuff is the end-all DNS diagnostic, but it provides
some basic best-usage guidelines and suggestions that catches alot of
really basic mistakes (besides what BIND would kick out as an error
loading a zone).

I wouldn't distrust it all that much, but if there are
warnings/errors, you should understand the tradeoffs of what you are
doing, not just shrug them off as an ideal that nobody can obtain.

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