pop email issue

Steve Ingraham singraham at okcca.net
Tue Nov 28 18:42:16 UTC 2006

Ok everyone, forgive me if this is a stupid question or should be
addressed in some other mail list somewhere but I have been struggling
with this problem for a while without a resolution.  I am trying to
troubleshoot why I am unable to receive pop email on a Trio 650 smart
phone.  I have been able to do so in the past but in the last couple of
months the phone will not connect to the server to download email.

The incoming mail setting on this phone used to work when it was
originally configured.  The phone was configured for incoming email to
go through mail.okcca.net.  It will not connect any longer when I use
this setting.  I have tried to get it to work using the IP address
( instead of mail.okcca.net to no avail either.


For some details, I have a RedHat AS 3 box running Bind 9.2.4 with
qmailtoaster as a gateway for email.  This server then sends incoming
email to two Microsoft Exchange servers where the user mailboxes reside.
The first server runs Microsoft Server 2000 with Exchange Server 2000.
This server is the master exchange box with an external IP address of  The other Exchange server is running Exchange 2003 on a
Windows Server 2003 system and is where this email account in question
resides.  The IP address for this server is  I also have
an internal DNS server on a Windows Server 2003 computer (IP


The phone is configured with port 110 setup for the incoming emails at
mail.okcca.net.  I have tried numerous configurations to get this phone
to receive emails again with no luck.  I have verified that the pop3
configuration is functioning on the server by setting up a laptop
running Windows XP with Outlook Express.  I configured OE to connect to
pop3 using the mail.okcca.net settings.  It connects with no problem and
I am able to send and receive emails from that computer.  My thoughts
were that if this laptop can connect to the server using pop3
configuration just like the Trio 650 phone everything should work.  Pop
email works on the laptop but not on the phone.  The phone has service
through Cingular.  I have talked with cingular support on the phone and
they believe there is a configuration problem on the


I am not sure if this is a BIND DNS issue, a qmailtoaster issue, a
Microsoft DNS server issue, a Microsoft Exchange issue or some other
configuration problem I have not thought of yet.  I would like to hear
what you guys might have to say on this.  I am out of ideas.


Thanks for all help on this,


Steve Ingraham

Director of Information Services

Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals

singraham at okcca.net

405 522-5343


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