pop email issue

Andy Shellam (Mailing Lists) andy.shellam-lists at mailnetwork.co.uk
Wed Nov 29 21:51:04 UTC 2006

Hi Steve,

Many thanks for your reply, I think you're getting close to figuring out 
what's been going on!  It does sound quite confusing.
Yep as your Exchange 2000 machine has a public IP as well 
( that's why you're phone can connect to it, but since 
the mailbox was moved off it, evidently it cannot route to the correct 
box (you can cluster Exchange so it will route a request from one server 
to the correct one, but this is way out of my expertise; Exchange is not 
one of my favourite products!!)

telnet 110
+OK Microsoft Exchange 2000 POP3 server version 6.0.6249.0 
) ready.

What might help to know, is your Exchange 2000 machine's DNS address 
resolves to "mymail.okcca.net," which might explain what the phone used 
to connect to, as "mail.okcca.net" is a different machine and doesn't 
have any POP3 or IMAP mail services running on it, unless the DNS 
changed around the time the mailbox was moved.

I'd suggest you set up a public IP for your Exchange 2003 machine (not 
sure if you can backwards-migrate mailboxes on Exchange?)  and then 
create another DNS entry "mymail2.okcca.net" which points to the 
Exchange 2003 server's public address.  Then you can tell your phone to 
connect to "mymail2.okcca.net."  JOOI, are there other accounts on the 
Exchange 2003?  Are you planning on migrating your 2000 boxes to 2003?  
As it might make more sense to simply re-direct mymail.okcca.net to the 
2003 box, and move all 2000 boxes on to it?  Depends what your future 
expansion plans are!

Hope you get there!

Kind Regards,


Steve Ingraham wrote:
> Andy,
> Thank you for your reply.  Yes I have had this problem for some time and
> I have asked about it in the past on this mail list.  I have still not
> been able to resolve this problem.  I would like to mention that I did
> not set this network up.  I have been attempting to understand how and
> why it was setup the way it was since I started working on it.  This has
> caused a great deal of confusion.
>> Does Exchange 2003 where the mailbox is, face the public Internet?  If 
>> not, your phone will need some sort of route into your private network 
>> space (such as VPN.)
> At present Exchange 2003 does not face the public Internet.  The
> Exchange 2003 box has two nic cards but only one is connected internally
> with a private IP.
> You mention that the Exchange 2003 is the machine the phone needs to be
> connecting to.  The email account was switched over to that machine from
> the Exchange 2000 machine and did work prior to this switch.  So, to ask
> a simple question, why did the email transfer to the phone when it was
> connected to the Exchange 2000 box when the incoming mail setting was
> set at "mail.okcca.net"?
>> Try browsing to 
>> www.whatismyip.com on your phone to see what IP address it has been 
>> given - whether it's assigned by your own network or the mobile
> provider 
>> (Cingular?)
> The IP address for the phone is  It was not assigned by
> our network.
>> Does your qmailtoaster machine run a POP3 service?  If so, a firewall
> or 
>> router is blocking external access to port 110.

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