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Sam Wilson Sam.Wilson at
Mon Oct 2 09:48:14 UTC 2006

In article <efkfjs$1dr3$1 at>, Dawn Connelly <dawn at> 

> Since when have network security people claimed to be rational?  Seems to me
> that we are pretty notorious for being any but rational. It's in our job
> description to overreact. :)

Unfortunately FUD sells.  If a highly paid security consultant tells 
higher management that the business is at risk because the network 
allows protocol X then protocol X tends to get blocked no matter what 
the networking staff say.

> But seems like we have gotten extremely off topic for this particular forum.

I don't think it's extremely OT - look at the recurring question about 
whether 53/tcp and/or 53/udp should be blocked or not.


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