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Steve Ingraham singraham at
Mon Oct 2 15:47:56 UTC 2006

Sam Wilson wrote:
>> But seems like we have gotten extremely off topic for this particular

>I don't think it's extremely OT - look at the recurring question about 
>whether 53/tcp and/or 53/udp should be blocked or not.

Since I originated this thread to ask a particular question about my
inability to connect with a specific website I might interject my
thoughts here.  I am a newbie to BIND.  I am learning a great deal by
reading posts to this mail list.  Much of what everyone is saying here
is going way over my head (but still enjoy reading about it as I am
learning tons).  I would like to say that it appears to me these systems
were designed to have a great deal of the domain information out in the
open.  It also appears that the functionality of these systems was
designed with that in mind.  If this suddenly starts being changed
because of security fears would not these changes have a negative effect
on our abilities to manage these systems?  I know it is very difficult
for me to manage them currently in my present state of "newbieism".  If
I also have to contend with some networks blocking diagnostic tools that
I were to use that would make my diagnosis of a problem that much more
difficult to do.

My .02 on what is currently being posted on my request for information.

Steve Ingraham

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