using $INCLUDE with views

Stefan Puiu stefan.puiu at
Mon Oct 9 16:12:26 UTC 2006


your post is a bit confusing, since you seem to be mixing up views
with master/slave operation - the two are different issues, as Barry
pointed out. I'm guessing you're not trying to make one of the views a
slave for the other for that zone (the BIND FAQ documents how to do
this), since that would apply only for dynamic zones, which doesn't
seem to be your case.

On 10/9/06, Bill Moseley <moseley at> wrote:
> BIND 9.2.4 on Debain Stable
> In my first attempt I put the SOA in the common $INCLUDE file.  Upon
> restart, though, it seemed only one zone was loaded (axfr only worked
> from the LAN side).
> I moved the SOA out of the common file and into each of the two zone
> files and then it worked fine.
> Was that because I had two zone files (for the same domain) with the
> same SOA serial number?

One thing that comes to my mind is that the SOA has to be the first
record in any zone file. So if you $include the SOA file at the end of
one of the zones, for example, it won't work. Check your system logs
for any complaints from BIND.

Also, axfrs can fail for other reasons, too - depends on how your
views are set up, where you are trying the axfr from... But without
any details I would say it's hard to tell.

> I'm wondering if using views requires anything special with regard to
> the serial numbers.
> For example, if my internal view of a zone has serial 100 and my
> external has 99, if I bump my external to 100 will bind see the change
> in the serial?  Or will it think there's no change since it's already
> seen 100 for that domain (in the internal view)?

If you tell BIND to reload the zone it should notice the serial number
change. As I said, I assumed you're not making one view a slave to the
other for that zone.


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