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> BIND 9.2.4 on Debain Stable
> Does bind take views into consideration when checking the SOA serial
> number?

Only slave servers check the serial number -- they compare the serial 
number on the master with the one they already have loaded.

> I'm using views to have different internal an external zone files for
> the same domain.
> The zones are very similar -- the internal one just has internal IPs
> added, and the external has additional NS records.
> In my first attempt I put the SOA in the common $INCLUDE file.  Upon
> restart, though, it seemed only one zone was loaded (axfr only worked
> from the LAN side).

Were there any log messages complaining about the external view?

> I moved the SOA out of the common file and into each of the two zone
> files and then it worked fine.
> Was that because I had two zone files (for the same domain) with the
> same SOA serial number?

I can't think of any reason why this would matter.

> I'm wondering if using views requires anything special with regard to
> the serial numbers.
> For example, if my internal view of a zone has serial 100 and my
> external has 99, if I bump my external to 100 will bind see the change
> in the serial?  Or will it think there's no change since it's already
> seen 100 for that domain (in the internal view)?

Each view is managed independently.

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