Spamhaus Override

Hans den Otter HansdenOtter at
Tue Oct 10 20:05:58 UTC 2006

> Hello all,
> I would imagine many of you are as concerned as I about the Illinois
> court order
> ( that
> threatens to rescind Spamhaus's domain name via ICANN.  As the operator
> of a small but significant (to my clients, at any rate) resolving
> nameserver, what can I change in my configuration in order to keep
> resolving?  Is something as kludgy as a source patch
> required to override resolution of a domain, or can I do something fancy
> with my configuration?  Ideally there is something I can do to my
> nameserver that will have the same effect on resolution for my clients
> that a change to my hosts file would have on my own box.
> I hope for the sake of my inbox that I'm not the only one contemplating
> such solutions...
> -andy

Use the datafeed setup
Or find some other people to do this together with..
Beware of the memory the server needs ( > 512 Mb)

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