Spamhaus Override

Paul Vixie vixie at
Wed Oct 11 12:48:07 UTC 2006

Andy Getz <james.getzendanner at> writes:

> Thanks all for your replies; I think I'll be able to cobble something 
> together without any hacky source patches =).  ...

note that if you set up a local copy of the zone you will need to set up
all of your recursive nameservers (which ought not be the same servers
where you do your authority work, or at least, not the same views) to use
"forwarders" for the zone to point these queries at your local copy of
the zone rather than asking the .ORG server to learn about these servers.

frankly, if you're going to change every one of your recursive nameservers,
you'd be better off making a stub zone and pointing it at spamhaus's
servers.  all you really want is to be independent of .ORG's delegation,
and you do not need a local copy of the zone data for that.  stubs are
moderately better than forwarders, in that they will track zone NS changes.
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