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> As you all know, djb's mail server qmail makes a T_ANY query before
> making any others. My problem is somehow my bind 9.3.2 authoritative
> will often only return NS RRs to resolvers that drop other records of
> my zone from their cache (specifically, the nameservers at
> This causes yahoo's qmail to bounce with "CNAME lookup timed out" a
> lot, which is unacceptable for us. It is my understanding that T_ANY
> will only return what's cached, but if I am incorrect about this how do

An authoritative server should return all the records.

> I fix my nameserver so that the wildcard query will return at the very
> least, the MX record for the zone (besides increasing TTL)?

There's nothing to configure.  If you're authoritative you'll return all 
the records, if you're caching you'll return what's in the cache; if you 
don't have any records in the cache you'll forward the query to the 
authoritative server, it will return all the records, and you'll cache 
them and return them to the client.

> some details of the zone:
> 14400 IN     SOA 2006102016 3600
> 3600 604800 14400

That's not very useful details.

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